Incursions, Excursions and School Camps


Throughout the year all students have opportunities to take part in incursions and excursions to support in class learning and to enable them to make links with the real world. 


Camping Program

Our Outdoor Education and Camping programs are often the highlight of the children’s year. A structured camp program is in place across the school that gradually increases in length and complexity. The following shows this progression:


Foundation and Year 1

Late Stay– Students enjoy an afternoon at school where they participate in teamwork games, and a special event then enjoy dinner together before being picked up to go home around 6pm.


Year 2

Sleepover – An excellent opportunity to initiate children into sleeping away from home, whilst in a safe environment. This is also great preparation for the senior camps as outlined below.


Year 3 – 6

School camp – 2 nights / 3 day adventure at a registered Outdoor Education Campsite. The location differs from year to year to provide new learning experiences for the children.

The year 3 – 6 camps offer a range of outdoor activities that challenge students and develop excellent team-building skills. All camp sites attended are approved and accredited by the Department of Education.

Kayaking excursion
Traffic school excursion
Collage of extracurricular activities