Brain Food


All students are being encouraged to have water and healthy snacks in class. 

Children will be able to graze around 10am each day on brain food. See the list for ideas.


Snacks are to be brought to school in a small named container and will be on student’s tables for the day. 

Children will only be eating their own snacks and not sharing with others. 


Brain Food Ideas:


Dried Fruit – apples, peaches, apricots, pears, sultanas 

Fresh Fruit – apples, cherries, mandarin segments 
Vegetables – carrots, celery, beans, cucumber

Seeds – sunflower kernels, Pepitas ( pumpkin seeds) 

Dried fruit mix

Wholegrain or plain rice crackers ( no baked or fried snack crackers)

Puffed corn, puffed rice

Unsalted and unflavoured popped corn




Brain food



In an effort to promote well-being and hydration, we kindly request that only water be consumed on school premises. This means no cordials, sugary drinks, or flavored beverages. 

Let's make staying hydrated a priority and create a positive environment that supports the overall health of our students. Thank you for your cooperation in fostering a school community committed to wellness and success!

Image of a girl drinking water