How We Teach & Support

It’s the little things we do to support an individualised learning program that get us the big results

How we teach and support

Our entire teaching staff is dedicated to student progress and wellbeing, ensuring every child achieves to their own potential. 

Our school Mottos of Engage, Explore and Excel are alive in all that we offer at Wantirna Primary School. We strive to ensure that every child feels safe, happy and confident within themselves and works with a growth mindset.

Learning is personalized and tailored to student needs. Families are invited to be active participants by assisting and supporting student growth both in the classroom and at home.

Supporting Students

At Wantirna Primary School, all students have individual learning goals targeted to their own learning needs.  At times, there will be a need for Individual Learning Improvement Plans that will assist all adults in the student’s life to better understand the students’ needs by outlining the steps and activities to be taken for the child to achieve to their maximum potential.   

Kinder to Foundation Transition

The Launch into Learning Program is a transition program designed to assist children with the transition from Kindergarten/Childcare to Primary School. The program aims to get children and parents familiar with our school facilities, meet the teachers and experience fun, engaging learning activities that introduce them to the environment and structure of school.  The program has proven in previous years to be a huge success, preparing children for the many years of learning ahead.

Year 6 to 7 Transition

At Wantirna Primary School we acknowledge that students at all levels need to feel safe and secure in their learning environment to learn effectively. We recognise the challenges associated with moving from Year 6 to Year 7. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable movement for students and families out of our school, through the provision of appropriate transition program, our school will:

  • Develop and maintain strong links between the Secondary Colleges in the local area
  • Follow the enrolment process and current procedures as detailed by the Department of Education and Training
  • Provide time for transition co-ordinators from both government and non-government secondary colleges – to meet with their future students and their Year 6 teachers upon request
  • Complete relevant documentation of student information for future secondary schools
  • Provide information about secondary school information nights and visits to parents / carers
  • Provide opportunities for students to visit their future secondary school.
Incursions and Excursions

Throughout the year all students have opportunities to take part in incursions and excursions to support in class learning and to enable them to make links with the real world.

Camping Program

Our Outdoor Education and Camping programs are often the highlight of the children’s year. A structured camp program is in place across the school that gradually increases in length and complexity. The following shows this progression:

Foundation and Year 1

Late Stay– Students enjoy an afternoon at school where they participate in teamwork games, and a special event then enjoy dinner together before being picked up to go home around 6pm.


Year 2

Sleepover – An excellent opportunity to initiate children into sleeping away from home, whilst in a safe environment. This is also great preparation for the senior camps as outlined below.

Year 3 – 6

School camp – 2 nights / 3 day adventure at a registered Outdoor Education Campsite. The location differs from year to year to provide new learning experiences for the children.

The year 3 – 6 camps offer a range of outdoor activities that challenge students and develop excellent team-building skills. All camp sites attended are approved and accredited by the Department of Education.


At Wantirna Primary school we have a successful ‘buddies’ program where our Foundation students are paired up with a level 5 buddy. Every week, the Level 5’s and the Foundation students get together to complete fun collaborative activities. Having a Level 5 buddy helps our youngest students adjust into their new environment and it’s another friendly face they know. By starting with a Level 5 buddy, students maintain their friendly bond as both students move up the school into Level 6 and Level 1. The Preps always look forward to seeing their buddies and the Preps are always a hit with the Level 5’s students too.

Student Leadership

Student leadership opportunities are fostered at Wantirna Primary School as an integral component of building student voice. It is an opportunity to focus on and foster a range of leadership skills while building the leadership capacity of students. The program extends other leadership initiatives such as the Junior Action Group (JAG) which is for students throughout the school. Leadership roles such as School Captains. House captains, Specialist Captains, and Respectful Relationships Captains targets students in their final term of Level 4 and beyond. Skills are developed for all students as they transition through the final stages of their primary education.

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